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(해외 프로젝트) 시드니 세인트 조지 클럽 마리나 시공

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(기사 요약)

벨링햄 마린(Bellingham Marine)은 10월말, 시드니의 세인트 조지 모토 보트 클럽이 마리나 계류시설 추가 시공을 마쳤다. 8-18m 선박이 추가적으로 수용되면서 총 288개의 선박 수용이 가능해졌다. 이로써 클럽마리나는 오스트레일리아 뉴사우스웨일스 주에서 최대 규모를 자랑하는 마리나로 자리잡았다.
이번 공사에서 벨링햄 마린은 폰툰제작과 시공, 그리고 급전시설까지 모두 포함한 턴키 솔루션을 제공했다. 아울러 새로운 계류시설 확충과 더불어 두 번째 수상 파도 감쇠기를 추가했다. 4m 넓이의 새로운 곡선 감쇠기는 지역적으로 우세한 남풍으로부터 마리나 내부를 보호하기 위함이고, 현존하는 ‘E’암 감쇠기 역시 확충되었다.
올 10월 말, 이미 50노트의 남풍에 대한 첫번째 테스트를 마쳤고 감쇠기는 1m 이상의 극심한 컨디션에서도 제 기능을 수행하고 있다.

(기사 원문)


In late October, St. George Motor Boat Club, which is located in the southern metropolitan region of Sydney, completed an expansion to their existing marina. 78 berths for vessels 8m to 18m in length were added to the facility bringing the marina’s total capacity up to 228 and making the club marina one of the largest marinas in Australia’s NSW.
Bellingham Marine was hired as the design/build contractor for the job to provide a turn-key solution including piling, pontoons, and utility services.
In addition to the new berths, the marina added a second floating wave attenuator. The new 4m wide curved attenuator provides the marina’s interior slips with additional protection from prevailing Southerly winds. The marina’s existing “E” arm attenuator was also extended as part of the expansion project.
“The club is proud to have partnered with Bellingham marine in providing a state of the art facility for its 20,000 strong membership base,” said Club President David Blyth. “The system has already had its first test with the club experiencing 50 knot southerly winds on October 29 of this year. The attenuator performed as it was designed to; even under these extreme conditions with waves over 1 metre in Kogarah Bay the marina was like a mill pond.”
“We are very pleased with the way Bellingham Marine went about their work with minimal disruption to current parking and berthing. The 3.5 million dollar development was achieved through 5 years of hard work and is a credit to the board and club CEO Adrian Vermeulen. As a developer myself, I was impressed with the final result with less than 1% in variations from the original quoted amount,” said Blyth.
About Bellingham Marine
As the world's leading marina design-build construction company, Bellingham Marine produces Unifloat® concrete floating dock systems as well as timber and metal frame systems. The company also produces Unistack® dry stack systems for marinas worldwide.