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베네토 오셔니스 31 올해의 요트로 선정

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지난 1월 17일, Düsseldorf에서 열린 ‘올해의 유럽피안 요트 시상식’에서 베네토 오셔니스 31이 올해의 요트로 선정되었다.
가족 형 크루저 급 요트 부문에서 수상한 베네토 오셔니스 31은 유럽의 전문 저널리스트로 구성된 10인의 심사위원들에 의해 선정되었으며 바바리아(Bavaria) 43, 제뉴 썬오디세이(Sun Odyssey) 30, Southerly 32, Delphia 26등이 경합을 벌였다.

이어진 시상식에서 베네토 오셔니스 37은 Voile Magazine에 의해 ‘2008 올해의 요트’로 선정되었다. 이는 지속적으로 요트의 디자인과 성능을 향상시키고 있는 베네토사의 혁신성을 인정받은 베네토사에 주어졌다.

== 원문내용 ==
It was during the official European Yacht of the Year gala evening in Düsseldorf, on Saturday 17 January 2009, that the news was announced.
The Océanis 31 was elected European Yacht of the Year in the Family Cruiser class, by a jury of journalists from 10 specialized European magazines. This year, the various yachts nominated did not compete in size classes as in previous years, but according to their sailing programme. The following yachts were in the Family Cruiser class: Bavaria 43, Sun Odyssey 30, Southerly 32, Delphia 26 and Océanis 31.

Following the election of the Océanis 37 as Yacht of the Year 2008 by Voile Magazine, this new award confirms BENETEAU’s capacity to develop yachts that continue to be innovative, comfortable and high-performing. It is also the second yacht to be designed by the FINOT-CONQ Group and associates of the Italian Nauta Design office to receive such an award.